The Max sized tray from Brothers! A huge try with 782 total shots 8,000 grams of powder!

Wild Card, 49 shots
Bling-Bling, 36 shots
High Falutin, 49 shots
Hit the Road Jack, 49 shots
Midnight, 204 shots
Light brigade,42 shots
Grand Slam, 16 shots
Hat Trick, 16 shots
Slam Dunk, 16 shots
Touch Down, 16 shots
Evil enemy, 36 shots
Stop N Go, 25 shots
Atom Bomb, 36 shots
Neutron Bomb, 36 shots
Cobalt Bomb, 36 shots
Hydrogen Bomb, 36 shots
Quest, 24 canister shells
And more!

The Max

SKU: AT273